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Based at the magical Arava desert of Israel Anael provides professional yoga sessions  to each practitioner


My name is Anael,
I grew up in a small village in the Galilee Mountains,  I currently live with my partner Jonathan and our son Hod in the village Tzukim in the Arava desert of Israel. 

From an early age I was drawn to Eastern philosophies, to the magic and mystery of the body-mind concept. 
I discovered yoga in 2002 and from the very first moment I felt I had found the right path for me.

The clarity of mind and inner peace I felt, made me realise that there is something far beyond physical exercise in yoga practice.

Since then, yoga  has been a tool for self-development and exploration for me. A framework that gives me stability and confidence in a life full of movement and constant change. Yoga accompanies me throughout life, supporting, balancing and enlightening my way.

Over the years I have studied with various teachers in Israel and abroad. I got familiar whit the different yoga styles and realised the wide range this practise has to offer. From the Iyengar method I learned to pay attention to details to precise and correct alignment of postures. From Ashtanga I learned about flow of energy in the body and the benefits of a dynamic practice.  The study at Shivananda ashram helped me build self discipline and persistence. Finally the style of yoga I found most suitable for me was Vinyasa.
The practice of Vinyasa emphasizes the correlation of movement and breath. Each session is build of various asanas (postures) in a dynamic sequence. There is lot of freedom in the practice and that allows me as a teacher to match the class to the needs of each group.

Since 2009 I have been teaching continuously and I am grateful to share this ancient knowledge whit students of all ages.
I draw inspiration from many body-mind methods that I have experimented over the years such as movement studies, mindfulness, Feldenkrais, Kung Fu and more.

Meeting different students whit different needs brings me  continuously to study and expend my toolbox of yoga.

I believe that yoga can be good to everyone and you can start practicing at any stage of your life.
My goal as a teacher is to match the practice to the students rather than the student to the practice. 
To be always attentive to what occurs in class and to the needs of each practitioner.

I believe that we all have deep inner wisdom and that yoga has the power to remove unnecessary layers and reveal that wisdom.

I invite you to join me and find out how yoga can contribute to your quality of life as well.

clients experience

For the past two years, Anael has been supporting me with herniated spinal disc. She gives me a relief whit acute pain and helps me to manage my daily routine.
She has accurate diagnosis, she is attentive and uses rich variety of treatment methods in a very professional way.
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