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Yoga quietly enters the body and consciousness and increases the inner space. Out of the colors, landscapes and expanses of the Inner Desert are growing, deep relaxation is spreading and the real vacation begins.

Welcome to Arava

Personalized yoga workshops are for you – groups, families and couples – who visit the Arava and want to experience the natural, powerful and magical combination of desert yoga.

Each session will be tailored to your experience, level and will. Whether you are veteran yoga practitioners or you have never practiced, and you want to understand what everyone is talking about.

The workshops can be held in your accommodation complex, in the desert or in the biogallery – an intimate studio in the artisan village of Zukim.

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hour.

Workshops for visitors to Arava

Group yoga class in Arava

For women's meetings, a bachelorette party, member groups, and employee witnesses, tour groups, workmates, or any other group setting.
Group yoga class is a unique experience that is especially suitable for the formulation, enjoyment and departure from the routine. The Vinyasa yoga class includes basic yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation group exercises.
The practice is tailored to every level, beginner and advanced, and in the end everyone participates and has fun.

Family yoga class

Imagine the whole extended family meeting together and practicing yoga. Family yoga class is a great activity for both the close family and the extended family.
The lesson is fun and suitable for all ages - from small children to grandparents.
We will learn basic yoga poses and incorporate parent-child and group exercises.
This is a quality time that will connect the whole family and provide you with many beautiful moments, laughter and joy.

Yoga class for couples

A couples yoga class is a quality time to relax and connect that will put you in the relaxing atmosphere of a prairie vacation.
We will practice Vinyasa Yoga flow, learn yoga poses in a pair that you can continue to practice yourself and enjoy deep relaxation and relaxation accompanied by healing sounds.
The practice is suitable for all levels and tailored to your requests.

All meetings require advance coordination. If you are planning a vacation or a visit to the Arava, contact me and I’d love to adjust the right yoga class for you.

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